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Mary Cobb is an artist and wallpaper designer based in Washington D.C. Trained as a lawyer and a former nationally-ranked runner at Stanford University, she found in painting a 'playground' free from rules; a world outside the expected 'four corners' of life; a world in which she can lose herself.

Using bold juxtapositions of color and pattern, her artwork and wallpaper designs explore the relationship between fixed and fluid; expected and unexpected; known and unknown---some of life's greatest tensions. Her paintings primarily employ acrylic, pen and ink, stretched canvas and raw linen. Her wallpaper, in turn, is derived from scanned images of her artwork that are then edited in Photoshop and Illustrator to create repeat patterns.

Mary lives in the Bloomingdale neighborhood of D.C., and works as an attorney at O'Melveny & Myers. CONTACT MARY


Mary began painting in 2012 while living in Rome, Italy. Inspired by Rome's minimal + modern aesthetic, she found her signature 'taping' method whereby paint is applied to taped sections of a canvas to create unexpected intersections and movement. Her work has expanded into detailed pen and ink work---she's currently filling a 16-foot canvas with fine pen point---and most recently into cutting canvases into small pieces to be dry-mounted and framed.

Mary's artwork has been exhibited in Rome and the Berkshires, Massachusetts, and is featured in private collections across Europe and the United States. Her piece, Kaleidoscope, was most recently exhibited in DC-based artist/designer Maggie O'Neill's #tagup exhibit within the UMBRELLA exhibit. SHOP ART


Mary's wallpaper begins with loading a scanned image of her artwork into Photoshop or Illustrator. She then manipulates the image to create a repeat pattern, oftentimes having to manually 'blend' the pattern edges to create a seamless repeat vertically and horizontally. Once the design is finalized, the design is printed on varying wallpaper grounds including hand-loomed grasscloth (33" trimmed), a matte non-woven vellum (27" trimmed), a soft matte clay-coated paper (27" trimmed), a shiny pearlescent-coated paper (27" trimmed), and others.

Mary's wallpaper can be custom ordered for size, residential or commercial, and color. Mary is also available for (and loves) custom design projects. Contact her for more details! SHOP WALLPAPER